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MBE Process


Vacuum Cluster 1

Vacuum Cluster #1 contains two GENII MBE chambers modified for 3” substrates along with an X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) system. 

-MBE1 - III-V compounds based on the AlGaInAsP materials.
-MBE2 (SiGe) – Includes direct current silicon sublimation source and standard germanium effusion cell.
-XPS: Al Kα monochromatic source with variable temperature stage (RT – 1000C).

MBE1 and MBE2 are interconnected to enable III-V/IV integration studies.  Additionally, an in-line high resolution XPS chamber allows for in-situ chemical studies of pristine surfaces and interfaces.

Vacuum Cluster 2

Vacuum Cluster #2 contains a Veeco GEN930 system along with a Riber M7 MBE chamber.  This vacuum system uses Veeco transfer and manipulator technology for both chambers. 

-MBE3 - Plasma assisted MBE (PAMBE) for growth of III-V compounds based on AlGaInN materials.
        -   N2 plasma sources:  System has both a Veeco and Riber plasma source.

-MBE4 – Plasma assisted MBE for wide bandgap oxides and spin materials.
        -   Spin metals include Fe and Pt.



MBE5 is a GEN930 chamber with the goal of producing 2D based nanostructures using GaSe, GaTe and MoWSe2 based materials.

-In-Situ analysis includes RHEED and Raman Spectroscopy



MBE6 is the newest addition to the lab and it is growing SbAs based materials. More information can be found here.