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SEAL Welcomes an MBE Chamber for Two-Dimensional Material Exploration

Originally Published June 2015

SEAL is happy to announce the arrival of a new MBE chamber to the epitaxy facility.  Professor Siddharth Rajan worked to acquire a Veeco Gen 930 MBE chamber, through an NSF grant, for the purposes of two-dimensional semiconductor (2D semiconductor) material exploration.  While the main focus will be toward 2D growth of MoWSe2 based materials, discussions are underway to also investigate GaSe and GaTe along with other accompanying materials.  Additionally, Professor Roberto Myers is developing an optical Raman setup for this system to provide real time in-situ analysis of the 2D materials growth. 

For questions or inquiries concerning this equipment you can contact SEAL lab manager, Mark Brenner (

MBE chamber is guided down Neil Ave toward the SEAL facility.


MBE chamber installed in the SEAL facility.