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The OSU Semiconductor Epitaxy and Analysis Lab (SEAL) houses 6 molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems: system 1 for III-AsP materials; system 2 for Si-Ge-Sn materials; system 3 is a plasma-assisted MBE chamber for growth of GaN and related materials; system 4 is a PAMBE tool dedicated to Ga2O3 and related materials; system 5 is dedicated to 2D transition metal and group-III chalcogenides; and system 6 is dedicated to III-Sb materials and related compounds. SEAL also houses an array of materials characterization and processing capabilities that support epitaxial growth, including high resolution triple axis XRD, Hall effect transport measurements, and large suite of both optical and electronic characterization tools such as photoluminescence, quantum efficiency, I-V/T, C-V/T, internal photoemission, etc..  SEAL is a fully staffed core facility managed by Ohio State’s Institute for Materials Research, open to OSU and non-OSU users via lab access and usage fees.