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OSU Team Pioneers Development of New UV LEDs

UV LEDs have the potential to be used as alternatives for water purification or air disinfection. Conventional UV LEDs, however, have very low efficiency and are extremely pricey.

A team at The Ohio State University is working to change that. It was determined that internal quantum efficiency is the biggest influence on the efficiency of the LEDs. Current attempts to improve quantum efficiency end up decreasing the electrical efficiency or light extraction efficiency instead. The OSU Team is working on a new approach that involves hole injection via a tunnel junction. This method causes no large light extraction or electrical efficiency loss, and could increase the current efficiency of the UV LED by over 40 percent.

This article was adapted from a paper by Yuewei Zhang, Sriram Krishnamoorthy, Fatih Akyol, and Siddharth Rajan published on June 13, 2016. View the original article here.